Opaque Glitter

by Leonardo Rosado

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Leonardo Rosado has already a stable and bright musical career that has captivated many listeners. His latest release, Opaque Glitter, shows a wide range of sensorial, urban and abstract landscapes. In his music there is always a contrast between the harshness of noise and the sweetness of melody that mirrors the intricacies of life itself.
The first track in the album, “Leaving and staying”, has the melancholic and distant warmth of an intimacy that takes me back to Andrei Tarkovsky’s onirically strange and transcendentally beautiful atmospheres. These also felt in “It Ends Here”, permeated by the sweetness of a sporadic theremin line and the contrasting harshness of pulsating white noise. In the second track, a delicate vibrato sings itself among the progressively increasing noises, sweeping the listener into the furrows of a multilayered surface. This same graceful fragility is heard in the stringed love that is told in the next track, a love that unfolds itself and that gets more and more tangible amongst the everyday clatter. The hidden melodies of Rosado remind us that the solidity of life provides an escape to those who dare to hear behind. The hypnotic drones in “Dancing and Falling” transport us into a more abstract level, showing an upward pull that is counteracted by the centripetal force of the more discrete sounds that anchor it to the ground, without subtracting any lightness to it. A different lightness, more palpable and oriented towards the wonders of the exterior, is perceived in “The Wind Blowing in my Face”. In the last track in the album, “Soft Like Leaves Falling”, the touch of dry leaves leads us to the melancholic and sweet farewell. In it, the love-vibrating melodies sung in previous tracks are more perceptible and become more real through the metallic puncta that pierce the song.
On the whole, Opaque Glitter is a complex and heterogeneously coherent album that shows some of Leonardo Rosado’s best tricks to dazzle the listener. Both old followers of his work and newcomers will enjoy this masterpiece. Besides, I’m sure he will keep filling us all with wonder in his future works.

Jessica Aliaga Lavrijsen


released June 14, 2011

all music written, played, produced and mastered by leonardo rosado
design and photographs by leonardo rosado




Leonardo Rosado Gothenburg, Sweden

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